The aim of freeze-drying is to receive a well water-soluble product, which still features the characteristics of the initial good after water is added. By freeze-drying the good is converted into a dry form. In this process enzymatic, bacterial and chemical changes are largely eliminated.

Due to these characteristics freeze-drying is the gentlest method for preserving biological material. The following process steps are performed: Freezing according to optimised time and temperature limit values; freeze-drying (sublimation) according to time, temperature and pressure limit values; subsequent drying of products according to time and temperature limit values.

Process Steps

Freezing according to optimised time, temperature limit values

Freeze-drying (sublimation) according to time, temperature, pressure limit values

Subsequent drying of products according to time, temperature limit values

Capacities Freeze-Drying Plant


Manufacturing Pilot Plant
800 l / batch 80 l / batch

Further Steps

After freeze-drying the dried goods are pulverised in a mill. This modern mill complies with the ATEX Guideline required in Europe. The pulverised good is then collected in a sealable stainless steel container and the batch is homogeneously mixed in a column mixer.