After the fermentation a concentration step is performed by means of a separator. For this two nozzle separators are available in the Microbial Additives plant. By using different nozzle diameters the strain-specific ideal concentration result can be achieved and the process yield can be kept high.

Both the pipelines and also the separator are CIP and SIP compliant. A concentration coefficient of 25 can be achieved. The dilute phase is collected and fed into the biogas process. Wastewater is chemically and thermally inactivated.

Further Steps

A closed, sterilisable pipe system transports the solid phase in the concentrate tank, where special additives are added, to preserve the structure and protect the cells during the freeze-dry process. The separation process is also managed with the process control system. All relevant data is logged as a standard.



Nominal Capacity Centrifuge Defined Flow Rate
max. 10000 l/h 2000 – 6000 l/h depending on the strain