Quality Control


Continuously high quality is in the focus of the Microbial Additives department of Lactosan. Each production batch is carefully tested for several times. This already starts with the high-quality raw materials of selected suppliers, which are subject to a risk analysis and are getting also regularly analysed before use.

The analyses during the process include the process and quality controls of the batches. A comprehensive final control of the produced powder according to the specifications assures a perfect intermediate product. After packaging the customer-specific specifications are controlled again.

The Laboratories

Lactosan has several laboratories for process and product monitoring. Among others e.g. genetic investigations such as strain identifications are performed in our molecular biological laboratory. Thus it is always assured that the produced strain also complies with the strain handed over by the customer.

For process monitoring microscopic controls are conducted, dry substance determinations are performed and for example also the determination of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA).

Special Hygiene Laboratory

Relevant hygiene parameters can be tested in our special hygiene laboratory. Here the undesired accompanying flora such as yeasts and mold, enterobacteria, bacilli, E. coli, staph aureas, listeria and salmonellae etc. are tested. A double determination of the produced strain's bacterial count takes place at the production and during the storage stability controls.