Microbial Additives - Technologies

The production of all Microbial Additives products takes place in a modern dedicated production plant. The plant was since then expanded periodically in order to be possible to react flexible to all customer requests. The material and personnel flow is aligned in a special, sophisticated procedure and enables an ideal use at maximum product and personnel safety.

The production plant of the Microbial Additives department of Lactosan comprises 4 fermenters – 1,000l, 2.500l, 10,000l and 15,000l. The flexibility of our packaging line is one of the strengths of this plant. Thus individually printed foils or any label design can be realised.



Procedures Manufacturing Pilot Plant
Bioreactor 15000 l 300 l
10000 l 150 l
2000 l
 1000 l
 Separation 2 x 10000 l/h  100 l/h
 Freeze-Drying 1000 l/batch  60 l/batch
Fluidised Bed Drying  300 kg/batch  2 kg/batch
 Filling  Big bags 500 kg
Bag 300 g – 30 kg
Pouch 3 g – 500 g
 Cans 20 g – 1000 g