Starter Cultures

Process Steps

Lactosan produces starter cultures for various silages in agriculture for more than 25 years now. This experience and specialist knowledge was successfully used to establish itself as contract manufacturer for many food starter cultures. On request customer strains and mixtures can be produced or new strains can also be isolated.

For pure lactic acid fermentation (e.g. in fruit juices) there is a huge selection of our own lactobacilli available. The strains serve among others for a milder flavour. Details see strain bank.

The fermentation of the individual strains takes place in the 15.000 l fermenter. The medium is on request allergen-free and free from animal components. After concentration with the nozzle separator the cells are stabilised and lyophilised by means of an especially developed cryoprotectants mixture.

During testing all hygiene parameters the strains are stored at -20°C, before they are mixed and filled to ready starter cultures. This takes place in ALU-PE pouches of 10-200g. A special design is possible at any time. Of course starter cultures can also be ordered as bulk material in kilo scales.

Thomas Lautischer
Product Manager