About 1,000 Different Strains

Our strain collection comprises about 1,000 different strains in the field of Microbial Additives. Many of them are already contained in probiotic nutritional supplements. In-house tests on agglomeration, pH and bile salt compatibility as well as on sensitivity towards antibiotics have been performed. Products with our strains are on the market for more than 5 years now. We expand this strain collection annually by isolated bacteria strains derived from natural habitats.

Our R&D team in this area consists of 4 academics. The quick identification by means of 16sRNA or the complete sequencing of particularly interesting samples is a standard procedure after isolation. All strains are stored as glycerine stock at -80°C before a suitable production process is developed in the pilot plant and initial growth studies are performed in our process technology laboratory. On request we offer our strains also free from allergens. Further information about the strain collection can be received from:

Thomas Lautischer
Product Manager