Microbial Additives

From the Idea to the Finished Product!

We combine 25 years of specialist experience in fermentation and freeze-drying with the ambition to completely fulfil all customer requirements. Since 2007 the Lactosan division Microbial Additives develops and produces starter cultures for food and strains for human probiotics. From isolation, characterisation, process development, fermentation up to the scale of 15000l, lyophilisation and packing of the brand product everything is offered by one source.

Each product and each microbiological product is unique. Flexibility is thus very important for our high-performing and highly motivated team consisting of scientists and technical specialists.

Microbial Additives Services

Microbial Additives Technologies

Perfect Conditions for the Development of Starter Cultures

Tailor-made processes for probiotic strains are also developed in this scale. The strains are then quickly ready for production scale. The strains are securely stored as master cell bank at -80°C, including identity test. The production in the fully sterilisable ISO tested plant is performed with approved raw materials and long-term proven processes. This assures a high quality standard.

Interesting Strains for all Applications

Also the internal strain collection contains very interesting strains for various applications. Many of them are already allergen-free produced and tested on stock. Your ``time to market`` is thereby significantly reduced. The isolation is derived from natural sources and each strain is PCR-characterised. First preliminary tests concerning the resistance against bile salt and antibiotics have already been performed for some probiotic strains.

Lactosan Processes

Lactosan Microbial Additives supports you in all microbiological questions. For lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and yeasts suitable Lactosan processes exist, but also exotics such as eubacteria or bacteroides can be produced in large scales at any time. We are looking forward to working with your strains!