Lactosan GmbH & Co. KG 

Lactosan is one of the leading manufacturers of products based on living lactic acid bacteria. The core business is the production and formulation of probiotics in animal feed and the manufacture of starter cultures for silage as feed and for biogas production. The strength of the company lies in the implementation of ideas, the development of new products or processes and forms of production on an industrial scale. Our extensive knowledge of the process and experience in the production of biotechnology, based on many years of research and development, is used for the contract manufacturing of the widest range of micro-organisms up to the final product. With the expansion of its production capabilities concluded in 2007, Lactosan now also offers process development and the production of enzymes as a service in the Lactosan biotech segment.

Lactosan Pharma offers customers since 2011 the toll production of lactic acid bacteria under GMP / cGMP standard in the new pharma production plant. Lactosan is a globally active company with a highly-motivated and very flexible team which is appealing to its project partners due to its self-imposed high quality standards.